About The Show

Some Like It Hip Hop, written by Kate Prince and Felix Harrison and directed by Kate Prince, is ZooNation’s first full length production since the award-winning West End show, Into the Hoods.

Some Like It Hip Hop is a story of love, mistaken identity and revolution, in a city where books are banned, and where women are kept subservient to men.  The story revolves around two central female characters, Jo-Jo and Kerri.  When they are discovered breaking the rules of the city, they are thrown out.  They decide they have only one option – to return to the city dressed as men.  It doesn’t take long for the two women to prove their worth, and it also doesn’t take long for Jo-Jo to fall in love with Simeon, the only educated man in the city.  If only she wasn’t wearing a moustache. . . It takes all their efforts to maintain their disguise, find love, and change the world.

Influenced by themes from the classic movie Some Like It Hot, the hit US TV series Mad Men, and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, a complicated comical tale of love, mistaken identity, cross-dressing, gender stereo-types and revolution are played out in ZooNation's trademark style of Hip Hop, comedy and physical theatre.

Some Like It Hip Hop re-unites many of the core creative team and cast behind Into the Hoods, with an original live score written by DJ Walde, Josh Cohen and Kate Prince, choreography by Kate Prince, Tommy Franzen and Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, and starring Teneisha Bonner (Into the Hoods, StreetDance 3D, Insane in the Brain, Shoes), Tommy Franzen (So You Think You Can Dance, Insane in the Brain, Blaze) and Lizzie Gough (So You Think You Can Dance, Blaze).

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