Lizzie Gough/Sarah Richards - Jo-Jo Jameson

Teneisha Bonner/Sami Lee-Jayne - Kerri Kimbalayo

Tommy Franzen/Denny Haywood - Simeon Sun 

Duwane Taylor - The Governor

Andry Oporia - Chadwell Chichester III

Ross Sands - Sylvestor Tate

Shaun Smith - Sudsy Partridge

Natasha Gooden - Oprah Okeke

Kayla Lomas-Kirton/Sarah Richards - Tweets Sutherland 

Carrie-Anne Ingrouille/Cherelle Jay O'Dennell - Soozy Channing

Bradley Charles - Tyce Robinson 

DJ Walde - DJ/Reject

Tachia Newall - Narrator/Quindon Marshall/Bookbinder/Rejected

Royston Gooden - Randall Michaels/Bookbinder/Rejected

Elliot NDure-Williams - Arethia Arin/Stampholder/Rejected

Sheree Dubois - Erynill Skodu/Stampholder/Rejected

Sherona Knight - Arethia Arin/Erynill Skodu/Stampholdr/Rejected

Dance Covers

Colleen Joseph

Ess Green

Kayla Lomas-Kirton

Rowen Hawkins

Todd Holdsworth

Vocal Covers

Ross Green

Sherona Knight






































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