Education Pack

In conjunction with our latest 5* production Some Like It Hip Hop, we have joined forces with the well-renowned Mousetrap Theatre Projects to create an extensive Education/Resource Pack.  The Education Pack considers the finer points of Hip Hop dancing and the various styles involved, covering subjects including 'The Journey of Hip Hop Dance', 'The day in the life of a Dancer' and 'Bringing Hip Hop dance to the West End'.  With content provided by an array of Hip Hop dancers and teachers this resource pack is the ideal source of reference and will guide dance and physical education teachers in their quest to truly understand and educate their pupils on the background and evolution of one of the worlds most popular and current styles of dance.

We believe the Education Pack would be an asset to any school, teacher or individual that has a keen interest in exploring and learning more about the fascinating world of Hip Hop dance; its origins and it's current rise to the West End.  This education pack is sure to enable even the most novice of hip hop dance teachers!

* Worksheets and activities included in this pack cover various aspects of the KS3, KS4 and KS5 curriculum including Citzenship, English, Dance and PSHE.

Download your free Education Pack here.

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